All of Dena's Brittles are made with fresh ingredients, and hand crafted in small batches.  The texture and flavor are unlike any other brittle that you may have tried.  

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Deluxe Nut Brittle

Deluxe Nut Brittle is made with Cashews, Pecans, Pistachios, Almonds and Macadamia Nuts ... all mixed with Dena's special brittle mixture, then drizzled with Milk Chocolate.

4oz. Box $7.25
10oz. Box $14.50
1# Box  $20.00

Extreme Pecan Brittle

Fresh Pecan Pieces are nestled into Dena's own buttery Brittle mixture and it is then Drizzled with Milk Chocolate . It's called the "Un-Brittle" by it's creator, since this unique Brittle remains soft.

4oz. Box 7.25
10oz. Box 14.50
1# Box 20.00

Bare Pecan Brittle

Our Extreme Pecan Brittle without the chocolate.

$9.00 - 6 oz bag

Bare Deluxe Nut Brittle

Deluxe Nut Brittle without the chocolate.  

$9.00 - 6 oz bag

Peanut Brittle

More Peanuts, Softer Toffee - you have to try it to appreciate the difference!

$7.50 -  6 oz bag

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