We have an amazing assortment of special confections.  They include playful, delicious and religious items. 

3-Pak Dipped Pretzels

3- Pak Pretzels
Milk, Dark, White or Assorted

Coconut Clusters

Milk, Dark or White Chocolate

$2.00 - each

Dipped Fruit Slices

$6.00 - 4 oz in a chinese tote

Fudge Poppers

Milk or Dark Chocolate

$8.00 - 6 oz

Mini Krispie

Milk or Dark Chocolate

Rice Krispie dipped in Chocolate.

$1.50 each

Non Pariels

Milk or Dark Chocolate

$7.75 - 6 oz

Peanut Butter Paddle

Pretzel rod packed with Peanut Butter filling, dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with peanuts.

$6.00 - each


Pirouettes dipped in chocolate.

$3.50 - 2 pieces

Sea Salt Caramels

Milk, Dark or Assorted

$7.50 - 5 piece

Candy Pebbles

A mix of chocolates, fruits, nuts, and candies with a hard candy coated pebble shell


$3.00 - 4 oz bag

Dark Chocolate Pieces

Same dark chocolate that we use in our candy.  Great for baking & eating.

$5.50 - 12 oz bag
$9.00 - 24 oz bag

Dipped Oreos

Milk, Dark 


$1.00 - Each

Jumbo Dipped Pecans or Cashews


Milk or Dark Chocolate

6oz.  $9.50

Mint Crisps

Large butter crackers dipped in flavored with Creme deMenthe Milk Chocolate.


$1.75 each

$6.00 - 4pak

Nut Clusters

$2.00 - Peanut
$2.50 - Cashew
$3.00 - Pecan

$3.50 - Pistachio
$3.50 - Macadamia

Peanut Butter Puddle

Large butter cracker topped with Peanut Butter filling, dipped in Milk Chocolate, sprinkled with chopped peanuts and finally drizzled with Dark Chocolate.

$3.00 each

$11.00 - 4pak

Rice Krispie Pop

Milk or Dark Chocolate

$3.00 each


Homemade toffee, dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Only

$7.75 - 6 oz bag

$18.00 - 1 lb box

Cherry Berry Bar

A mix of Cherries, Cranberries and Blueberries in white chocolate.

$2.50 each (1.5 oz)

Dipped Flavored Wafers

Assorted Flavors


$1.25 each 

Extreme Puddle

Large butter cracker topped with peanut butter filling,  coated with peanuts, dipped in milk chocolate and finally drizzled with dark chocolate.

$4.25 each

Lib Bs

Rice Krispie square covered in Creme deMenthe milk chocolate.

$1.75 each

Mint Cups

$9.00 - 12 pieces
$17.00 - 24 pieces

Pampered Puddle

Large butter cracker with Dena's special Peanut Butter filling on top, a layer of soft caramel, then dipped in Milk Chocolate with a little drizzle of Dark Chocolate

$4.25 each

Pecan Dawnies

Milk, Dark or Assorted Chocolate

$8.50 - 6 oz. Bag

$19.00 - 1 lb Box

Sea Salt Bar

Milk or Dark Chocolate


$3.00 - 2 oz 

Wrapped Caramels

Creamy caramel, hand wrapped.

$5.75- 4 oz Regular

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