Dena's Specialty Candy began with her "now famous" Turtles.   She used to make her turtles for parties and give them as gifts at Christmas time.  So, she thought... " Why not make a business out of it?!"... and that's when it started! Everyones loves Turtles, especially when they're creamy and filled with Fresh Roasted and Salted Nuts.  Since Dena's makes her's to order, they're always fresh.

turtle pecan milk dark.jpg

Pecan Turtles

Milk or Dark Chocolate

1# Box  $20.00
8oz. Box  $12.00
6oz. Box  $10.00

Cashew Turtles

Milk, Dark or Assorted Chocolate

1# Box  $19.00
8oz. Box  $11.00
6oz. Box  $9.00

turtle cashew milk dark.jpg
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